My collection of work represents three distinct styles in my life as a fine artist.
“Stalks” are a representative of the daily fight to overcome despondency, hurt, treachery and loss. It symbolizes ones innate ability to endure and transcend.  My “Stalks” force the viewer into a provocative visual discourse about life's challenges.  

"Locks" represents the impact and struggle New Yorkers are facing after the downward economic shift. "It was shocking to me coming back to Manhattan, after 12 years, to discover the impact  a depressed marketplace, plus gentrification, is having on my ability to secure affordable housing, which is affecting millions of other residents."

"Abstract/expressionisms" is a new collection evolving from me moving back to New York. "This City is about movement and currency. People are drawn to this style of expression which is opening my eyes to how challenging great abstract art is to create as it forces me to dig deeper in different ways with color, line, flow and rhythm."