Artist Statement

“My soul is drawn to colors and hidden messages”

Painting is like drinking water to survive.  As an artist always thirsty for that subject that calls my attention - when I find it my entire being becomes obsessively-artistically focused.  Creativity takes over.  I paint color on canvas to represent specific emotions embedded in life changing events.  Decaying Stalks, present in most of my work, represent the trauma of betrayal, contempt, and disillusion against seemingly ordinary backdrops.  They symbolize our innate ability to endure and transcend.

Growing spiritually and “Waking Up”, as I like to call it, has pushed me to go deeper within to examine unconscious beliefs and values.  This internal shift transformed my style through the use of reoccurring geometric signs and vibrant color block given through visions and dreams by my spiritual guides.  My goal as an artist is to make the viewer feel, perhaps, a certain kind of uncomfortable resonance that forces them to engage in questions of life and reality.  Hidden subtle messages forces the viewer to look within & beyond the colors, to make them feel a little uncomfortable as they are drawn closer in a visual dialogue.

My medium are oils on canvas.  I use oil colors such as Old Holland, Vasari and Sennelier to name a few brands, that allow me to paint lush truer colors with museum quality designed to last centuries.  As I like to be engaged with the “Start to Finish” process, I generally build and gesso my own canvases.  I prefer large paintings that give me the spacial freedom to express my vision of creation.

I grew up in Spanish Harlem, also known as “El Barrio,” a vibrant Puerto Rican community in New York City.  In my early childhood, my mother introduced me to museums like the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art to name a few. From these visits I began to develop an awareness of color, shapes and deeply emotional landscapes that encouraged me to study, create and wake up the artist I am today.