Born in Spanish Harlem also known as “EL Barrio” in the sixties Victoria’s formation years were spent absorbing the rich traditions of not only her Puerto Rican and Italian lineage but also her culturally rich environment. Since she began drawing at age nine through her introduction to oil painting at eighteen, the vibrant colors, characters and rhythms depicted in her works where representative of her environment. As a native New Yorker Victoria’s frequent visits to the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art exposed her to a world that lead her to study at The Student Art League and The School of Visual Arts. Over the last forty years Victoria having travelled across the Americas, through Europe the Caribbean and Africa directly influenced her to paint the emotions evoked by these experiences.
Presently Morales is exploring painting geometric/color block and thoroughly enjoying it. Morales’s passion however lies in surrealism and her stalks are signature. The current political atmosphere in America has inspired a new body of work representative of the times.